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    MABasic 50 Magnetic Drilling Machine (Ø50x55mm)

    01 review
    The made in India, High Performance Low Cost magnetic drilling machine with Morse Taper 2. The MABasic 50 is our brand new magnetic drilling machine in India from BDS Maschinen in 2022.
    • 50 mm diameter drilling
    • 55 mm cutting depth
    • 16 mm twist drilling
    • 6 months warranty
    • Morse Taper 2
    • Two speed gearbox
    • Ideal for core drilling as well as for twist drilling
    • Designed in Germany
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    Cleaning tool with Hook and Brush – PowerCLEANER

    The ideal multi-function tool for removing chips and cleaning the work surface. Chip hook with brush & protective shield. Please check the video for more information.
    • After drilling, use the hook for removing the metal chips revolved around the cutting oil.
    • Pull the Brush in front and get it locked.
    • Use the Brush to clean the work area.
    • Replace the unsafe method of using screwdrivers and paint brush while performing drilling. Use this innovative tool for the safety of your operator.
    • Designed in Germany.

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    Convert Magnetic Drill to Bench Drilling Machine – MobilCLAMP

    01 review
    The innovative MobilCLAMP is a mobile clamping device which helps to use magnetic drilling machine as a bench drilling machine making it possible to drill small parts.
    • By attaching a Vise on the clamping device, and a magnetic drilling machine over the clamp plate, one can easily drill also small parts with a magnetic drilling machine.
    • Converts a magnetic drilling machine into a portable bench drilling machine.
    • Very portable and lightweight. Useful for drilling small parts at remote locations.

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