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Warranty Policy, Terms and Conditions for India for ONLINE Shopping of Annular Cutters, Magnetic drilling machines and Beveling machines.

Seller – BDS Machines Private Limited

Buyer – Dealer, Distributor, Trader or End User


Validity of the terms and conditions

By placing an order, the buyer agrees without express consent with the present Terms and Conditions. This applies only in so far as they are not amended by express agreement between the parties. Any conditional or different terms proposed by the buyer is rejected; they are against the seller effective only if he agrees to changes in writing. These provisions are the basis for any future individual transactions between sellers and buyers and close any other agreement.


Prices & Payment Terms

The prices in the price list are in Indian Rupees exclusive of taxes.

Prices are including Import charges and Custom duties.

Prices are excluding transport costs.

100% advance payment terms.

If the purchaser deviates in the order thereof, this also leads to a new price assessment without explicit notice by the seller.

Unless the seller allows an exceptional offer for a particular product, he is bound to it only if the offer is accepted by the purchaser within a period of 2 weeks from the offer. Acceptances coming in afterwards lead to a new offer and void the old offer.

If any changes in prices, this will be informed to buyer min. 2 weeks prior.


Warranty for Magnetic Drilling Machines and Beveling Machines

Warranty covers ONLY the manufacturing defect of the machine and machine parts.

Our machines are made in Germany and thus come with German plugs, we highly recommend that the end user must change the German plug to an Indian plug. The Indian plug helps the machine to get connected to Earthing.

BDS magnetic drilling machines and Beveling machine are offered with 1 year International Warranty on the complete machine including electronics.

Buyer has to bear two-way transport charges if the machine is sent to our repair centers even under warranty.

On-site, repair is not provided.

A completely filled warranty claim form should be sent to BDS Technical Department in Germany at [email protected]. Download Warranty Claim Form from our website

Once the claim is approved by the technical department, the same will be informed to the buyer and the replacement parts will be sent.

The BDS machines are highly recommended to be used only by skilled operators, operators with technical knowledge or operators with experience with drilling (or beveling) machine.

The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage or injury resulting from failure to observe the operating instructions, use for other than the intended purpose, unprofessional repairs, unauthorized modifications or use of non-approved spare parts and accessories, tools and lubricants.


What is not included in machine warranty?

Commonly, our tools are used on job sites in the most demanding applications and environments. Under these conditions and over time, the product may experience normal wear and tear and require service. While normal wear & tear is not considered a “defect” and is not covered.

Defect in armature due to excessive load while drilling.

Defect in field coil due to excessive load while drilling.

The defect caused due to machines used without EARTHING connection.

The defect caused due to machines used on the same work piece where welding machines are connected.

The defect caused due to improper handling of the machine.

The defect caused due to contact of the motor with water.

Defects caused due to non-technical operator or unskilled operator.


Annular Cutters, Carbide Inserts, and Consumable Items

Annular cutters also called as Annular Core Cutters or Core drills are consumable items and are thus NOT covered under any warranty.

We do not guarantee the number of holes made by the annular cutters, because it depends on various factors like condition of the drilling machine, type of drilling machine, vibration in a drilling machine, material type, material hardness, coolant type and most important skill of operators, etc.

Annular cutters also called as Annular Cutters in any condition or issue or problems will not be replaced.

The buyer takes the responsibility of the annular cutter also called as Annular Cutters before buying.

In case of defect in annular cutter also called as Annular Cutters packaging observed, it should be informed to BDS within 24 hours after the material is received.

Carbon brushes are consumable items and are thus NOT covered under any warranty.

Carbide inserts or also called as Carbide reversible discs used for beveling machine are



The return of the goods is the buyer only permitted after prior written agreement with the seller. Without such a written permission from the seller, the costs of return are borne by the buyer. The seller is entitled not to accept the goods if sent without prior written confirmation from the seller. Products will not be returned.


Technical changes

The seller reserves the right not to make the extent necessary to make technical modifications to tools and machines. Any rights can not be derived from the buyer.

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