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Annular Cutter (Rail Cutters)

> 30 mm Cutting depth
> 19 mm Weldon shank (3/4“)

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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Rail Cutters for rail drilling, specially developed to drill hard and corroded material. Tungsten Carbide Tipped Rail Cutters have become a successful range of tools worldwide. BDS provides for the rising demand by expanding its range with specially developed Tungsten Carbide Tipped Rail Cutters for rail drilling. BDS develops the special TCT Rail Cutters for rail track drilling. Use coupon code WELCOMEGST at checkout and get 30% Discount on all Annular Cutters.

Sale annular cutter coolant

Coolant – 1 Liter (Water Soluble 1:9)

For TCT Annular Cutters

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The BDS Coolant should be used in 1:10 proportion. So 1 liter of the bottle makes 10 liters of coolant. It is very important to use Coolant while drilling with TCT annular cutters. TCT annular cutters have carbide tips, the carbide tips are very strong and actually do not need any lubrication for cutting but, the carbide tips are brazed as tips of annular cutter, this brazing need to remain cool. If the brazing gets hot the chances of carbide tips coming out of brazing are high. For this reason, the operators should use coolants for TCT annular cutters and not lubricants. The use of BDS coolants on any brand of TCT annular cutter can increase the life of cutter to 30 – 50%.

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PowerCLEANER Chips Removing & Cleaning Tool

Chips Removing & Cleaning Tool

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PowerCLEANER is a new innovative Chips Removing & Cleaning Tool from BDS. It has a hook which helps the operator remove the revolved metal chips around annular cutters to drill bits, then the special brush is used to move or clean the chips from the workplace and collect in a dustbin. When this tool the operator does not anymore requires Allen key/screwdriver to remove chips from annular cutter and does not require a paintbrush for cleaning chips. The metal chips are very hot and can burn the fingers, using powerCLEANER helöps increase the safety of the operator and keep the work area clean.

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Sale ZAK 075 Ejector pin

ZAK 075 Ejector Pin

For 12 to 60 mm diameter cutters of 30 mm length

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ZAK 075 Ejector Pin for 12 to 60 mm diameter cutters of 30 mm length

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