Drilling Pipe With Magnetic Drilling Machine

Pipe Clamp For ⌀ 80 to 250 mm

The BDS Pipe Drilling Clamp is suitable for tubes/pipes with a diameter from 80 to 250 mm.

Suitable for MAB 455, 485, 465, 525, MABasic 35, 200, 400, 450, AutoMAB 350, 450 Magnetic Drills from BDS.

The chain length is 250 mm.

For larger diameter pipes then 250 mm the same clamp can be used but with an aftermarket longer chain.

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The BDS Tube Drilling Clamp devices are suitable for tubes/pipe with a diameter from 80 to 250 mm. Flexible and quick clamping is possible in any drilling situation. The Tube Drilling Clamp device with swiveling V-blocks is fixed on the tube by means of tension chains. The drilling position on the tube can be adjusted easily and safely.

  • Place the ZRO Tube Drilling Clamps’ base on a surface.
  • Clamp the chain tightening attachment using four Allen bolt provided for each attachment.
  • Place the tube clamp device on the pipe then hookup the sprocket chain to the base.
  • Circle the chain around the pipe.
  • Pull the chain from the space between the base and the chain tightening attachment, put it roundabout gear inside the chain tightening attachment.
  • Rotate the adjustment knob  on the base for fine adjustment of machine.

Additional information

Order no.

ZRO 250


for MAB 455, 485, 525 for tube Ø 80-250 mm. chain length 900 mm




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