PowerCLEANER Metal Chips Removing & Cleaning Tool

Metal Chips Cleaner

Ideal Tool For Drilling Machine / Welding machine Operator.

Two in One Cleaning tool.

Hook For Removing Metal Chips Surrounded To Drill Bits Or Annular Cutters.

Brush For Cleaning The Chips From The Workplace.

Very Important & Useful Safety Tool For Operators.


 1,688.00  844.00 + GST


PowerCLEANER is a new innovative Chips Removing & Cleaning Tool from BDS. It has a hook which helps the operator remove the revolved metal chips around annular cutters to drill bits, then the special brush is used to move or clean the chips from the workplace and collect in a dustbin. When this tool the operator does not anymore requires Allen key/screwdriver to remove chips from the annular cutter and does not require a paintbrush for cleaning chips. The metal chips are very hot and can burn the fingers, using power cleaner helöps increase the safety of the operator and keep the work area clean.

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POW 200


Cleaning hook with brush



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