EKF 645 Portable Beveling Machine

45° Chamfer Angle & 15 mm Chamfer Width
  • 2300 Watt German Motor
  • Seamless Electronic speed regulation (1600 -3000 min-1) with full wave control electronics
  • Chamfer width: 15 mm and Chamfer angle: 45°
  • 10.2 Kg. Delivered in Premium carry case (Made in Germany)
  • 1 Arbour milling cutter (ZFR 630) with 10 carbide insert (SHM 900)
  • Variable speed control
 176,700.00  135,000.00 + GST
SKU: EKF 645


The new BDS Series of Portable Beveling Machines are tailor-made to meet the requirements of every operator. Now available in India. The new EKF 500 & 600 series from BDS is designed for maximum performance and optimal comfort. With the new milling head technology, the EKF Beveling Machines can also operate at low speeds without jerking or jumping. The result is optimally milled edges, even when rounding. The EKF 530 portable beveling machine is ideal for 30-degree chamfer with 12 mm (0.472”) width. The EKF 530 is equipped with a new generation milling cutter special carbide inserts. Made in Germany EKF 530 comes with an 1800 Watts (14.50 Amp) powerful motor delivering 1850 – 3350 RPM. The EKF 530 has variable speed control to fine-tune the RPM you require. Weighing just 9.3 Kg. (20.5 lbs.) the EKF 530 is available in 220-240 V & 110-125 V (50-60 Hz).


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