Pipe Drilling Machine MAB 525 PIPE

50 mm X 75 mm Drilling
  • Pipe & Tube Drilling Machine. Also Ideal For Plate Drilling
  • 50 mm Diameter X 75 mm Thickness Capacity
  • Patented Shallow Field Pivoting Magnet
  • 19 mm (3/4”) Weldon Direct Arbor
  • Made in Germany Sliding System
  • Switches Arranged On The Top For Safe And Easy Operation
  • Coolant Tank Mounted On The Slide
  • Ideal For Annular Core Cutters and Twist Drills
  • Local After Sales Service
 248,400  214,875 + GST


MAB 525 from BDS Maschinen GmbH (Germany) is an economically prices magnetic drilling machine equipped with an integrated special permanent magnetic base ideal for drilling tubes, pipes and plates. This lightweight pipe drilling machine weighs just 20 Kg. The important parts like dovetail carriage are imported from Germany. Advantages of the MABasic 525 PIPE drilling machine are Patented shallow field pivoting magnet, 19 mm (3/4”) Weldon direct arbor, Made in Germany sliding system, Switches arranged on the top for safe and easy operation, Coolant tank mounted on the slide, and delivered with 12 accessories free of cost. 1 Metallic Box, 1 Core Drill Extention, 1 Concentrated Cutting Oi, 1 Safety Goggle, 1 Hand Gloves (do not use while drilling), 1 Safety Lashing Strap, 2 Ejector Pins, 3 Allen Keys, and 1 Spanner.

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