MAB 485 Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine

Ø 40 X 55 mm Drilling, M16 Tapping

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 40 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 55 mm

Maximum Twist Drilling: ø 18 mm

Maximum Tapping: M16

Morse Taper: MT2

 154,200  123,000 + GST


Drilling, Plus reaming, plus countersink, plus tapping…. all in one magnetic core drilling machines,  from BDS Maschinen. Presenting the incredible all-rounder MAB 485 magnetic core drilling machines from the ProfiPLUS category of magnetic drilling cum tapping machine. Weighing just 13 Kg. the MAB 485 Magnetic Drilling cum Tapping Machine is compact, fast and a versatile machine, especially for the use in the field and at the workshop.

  • Performing up to 40 mm diameter core drilling, and up to 55 mm cutting depth capacity. Up to 18 mm diameter twist drilling,
  • Up to 18 diameters reaming,
  • Up to 40 mm diameter countersink.
  • The premium feature of the MAB 485 Magnetic Drilling cum Tapping Machine is, tapping up to M16.
  • The tap takes the travel and operates Quick & Easy.
  • The reversible motor helps the tap to come out without damaging the thread and the tool.
  • Powerful 1150 watts motor.
  • Unbelievably lightweight.
  • High performance 2-speed gears.
  • Permanent internal lubrication.
  • Unique oil bath gearbox.
  • Intelligent magnet indicator and safety switches.
  • Reversible motor for easy tapping.
  • Variable speed control for precision.
  • Equipped with MT 2 morse taper.
  • Sleek integrated oil tank.
  • Brilliant carbon brush wears indicator.
  • Amazing complete internal cabling.
  • Full-wave control electronics for constant watt even while drilling.
  • Motor overheat protection for safety and avoid tool breakage.

The MAB 485 magnetic core drilling machine, best entrance in the profile plus category. Lightweight and all-rounder MAB 485 Magnetic Drilling cum Tapping Machine. Mae in Germany by BDS Maschinen.

The Made in Germany magnetic core drilling machines of the ProfiPLUS category are primarily intended for users in plant and mechanical engineering. These magnetic core drilling machines can be used during assembly or in the workshop and during production.

All the magnetic core drilling machines of this category have in common a high degree of flexibility for drilling, reaming, countersinking and thread cutting. MAB 485 the best entrance into the ProfiPLUS class indispensable in the workshop and when being away on a job.

The advantages of the MAB 485 magnetic core drilling machines are Continuous electronic control of motor output and speed. Drilling with annular cutters and twist drills, countersinking, reaming and thread cutting. Two-stage gear unit, non-destructive with oil bath gearbox, versatile magnetic drilling machine for workshop and assembly applications.

Powerful & Reliable double-insulated motor 17-14″ high 29 lbs High-speed variable-speed oil bath gearbox ideal for annular cutters and twist drills. Designed for continuous use. Intelligent electronic torque control. Drill up to 2″ dia & tap up to 1516″ dia. Uses annular cutters. Twist drilling up to 78″ diameter. Tapping capacity 316″ to 1516″ dia.

Integrated cutting oil reservoir. Automatic internal lubrication. Swivel base (model MAB 485 SB). Keyless Cutter Mount Quick-change keyless cutter system for 34″ Weldon shank. Integrated Safety Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation. Internal cable routing. The simple ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation. Emergency-off function.

Additional information



Cutting Depth

55 mm

Twist Drilling

18 mm


18 mm

Motor Output

1150 watts


160 mm

Magnet Size

84 x 168 x 41.5 mm

Magnet Power

10400 N


13 Kg.

Morse Taper


Speed Gears


Speed 1

50 – 250 min-1

Speed 2

100 – 450 min-1

Speed 3


Speed 4



Carbon brush indicator, Internal cabling, KEYLESS drill chuck, Magnet indicator, Oil bath gearbox, Reversible motor, Steady watt control, Variable speed


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 drill drift & 1 taper drift, 1 Gear rim drill chuck, 1 KEYLESS drill chuck, 1 Safety chain, 1 Transport case, 2 ejector pin, 3 Tapping adapters


Core Drilling

40 mm


40 mm


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