MAB 455 SB Magnetic Drill With SWIVEL BASE

Ø 40 X 55 mm Drilling With Swivel Base

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 40 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 55 mm

Maximum Twist Drilling: ø 18 mm

Morse Taper: MT2

Swivel Base: Yes

 153,200  130,000 + GST


Tangible relief for operators when drilling overhead or in horizontal situations. BDS now offers its MAB 455 Heavy Duty Mag Drill with brand new Swivel base system. The brand new MAB 455 SB, Heavy Duty Mag Drill from ProfiSTART category equipped with Swivel Base.
The swivel base of Heavy Duty Mag Drill provides 20 degrees left and right and 15 mm backward and forward movement under magnetic condition.

  • Up to 40 mm diameter core drilling with annular cutters, Drilling Up to 55 mm cutting depth.
  • With morse taper 2, drilling up to 18 mm with twist drills.
  • Simply better drilling.
  • equipped with 1150 Watts powerful motor.
  • Revolutionary complete internal cabling.
  • Secure Dovetail slide system.
  • Provided with Quick change drill chuck with morse taper 2.
  • Next-generation oil bath gearbox.
  • Magnet adhesion indicator.
  • Safely arranged switches.
  • 2-speed gearbox.
  • Perfect Internal lubrication.
  • Sleek integrated cooling tank.
  • Swivel base adjustment feature.
  • Robust, powerful and lightweight.

The made in Germany, MAB 455 SB with Swivel Base Heavy Duty Mag Drill. Particularly high performance in steel construction, during assembly and in the workshop. Easily positioned thanks to the Swivel Base adjustment feature. Tangible relief for operators when performing drilling works overheard or in horizontal situations. A good idea comes to life: BDS now offers four magnetic drilling magnetic base drilling machines in two performance categories that include Swivel Base.

How the swivel base works: place the magnetic drilling magnetic roughly in position, activate the magnet, release the adjustment feature and adjust it effortlessly. The swivel base enables the drill to be placed in exactly the right position without needing to hold the whole weight of the magnetic drilling magnetic base drilling machine at the same time. This relief is an additional factor in work safety even when the heavy Duty Mag Drill is secured with a chain.

Additional information



Cutting Depth

55 mm

Twist Drilling

18 mm





Motor Output

1150 watts


160 mm

Magnet Size

84 x 168 x 41.5 mm

Magnet Power

10400 N


13 Kg.

Direct Arbor

KEYLESS 19 mm Weldon

Morse Taper


Speed Gears


Speed 1

250 min-1

Speed 2

450 min-1


Integrated cooling tank, Internal cabling, KEYLESS drill chuck, Magnet indicator, Oil bath gearbox, Swivel Base


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 Drill drift MT2, 1 Hard protective case, 1 KEYLESS drill chuck, 1 Operating manual, 1 Safety chain, 2 ejector pin


Core Drilling

40 mm




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