MAB 525 Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine

Ø 50 X 75 mm Drilling, M20 Tapping

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 50 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 75 mm

Maximum Twist Drilling: ø 20 mm

Maximum Tapping: M20

Morse Taper: MT3

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Drilling, Reaming, Countersink plus Thread Cutting……..the all in one Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine From BDS Maschinen. Presenting the MAB 525 Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine from the theProfiPLUS category. Robust, multitasking and lightweight.

  • MAB 525 performs core drilling up to 50 mm diameter, and up to 75 mm cutting depth.
  • Up to 20 mm diameter Twist drilling.
  • Up to 20 mm diameter Reaming.
  • Up to 50 mm diameter Countersinking.
  • Up to M 20 Thread Cutting. Simply better drilling.
  • Equipped with a powerful 1600 watt motor.
  • Lightweight, weighing just 16 kg.
  • Robust two-speed gearbox.
  • Permanent internal lubrication.
  • Intelligent magnet indicator .
  • And the safe arrangement of switches.
  • Brilliant speed and torque controls.
  • A morse taper MT 3 machine.
  • Sleek integrated cooling tank.
  • Unique carbon brush indicator.
  • Complete internal cabling for safety.
  • Next-generation oil bath gearbox.
  • Durable dovetail slide system.
  • Full-wave controls electronics for constant watt even while drilling.
  • Motor Overheat protection to avoid tool breakage.
  • The MAB 525 robust, lightweight and versatile.
  • Magnetic drilling plus tapping machine.

The Made in Germany MAB 525 Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine. Robust and lightweight! With two-stage oil bath gearbox, thread cutting up to M 20. The advantages of the MAB 525 Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine are, the Best choice for service work: Total weight only 16 kg.

With MT 3 tool holder and a drilling performance of up to 50 mm diameter, Torsion-resistant design, monoblock gearbox and slide Powerful & Reliable double-insulated motor 19″ high, 35 lbs. High-speed, 2-speed oil bath gearbox, ideal for annular cutters and twist drills. Designed for continuous use Intelligent electronic torque control.

Drill up to 2-1/2″ dia. & tap up to 15/16″ dia. Uses annular cutters. Twist drilling up to 1″ diameter (with optional chuck IBC 21) Tapping capacity 15/16″ Integrated cutting oil reservoir. Automatic internal lubrication Swivel base (model MAB 525 SB) Keyless Cutter Mount Quick-change keyless cutter system for 3/4″ Weldon shank.

Integrated Safety Green/Red. LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation. Internal cable routing Simple, the ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation Emergency-off function.

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Additional information



Cutting Depth

75 mm

Twist Drilling

20 mm




20 mm

Motor Output

1600 Watts


160 mm

Magnet Size

90 x 180 x 48 mm

Magnet Power

13650 N


16 Kg.

Morse Taper


Speed Gears


Speed 1

70 – 280 min-1

Speed 2

180 – 580 min-1

Speed 3


Speed 4



Carbon brush indicator, Internal cabling, KEYLESS drill chuck, Magnet indicator, Oil bath gearbox, Reversible motor, Steady watt control, Variable speed & torque


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 drill drift & 1 taper drift, 1 Gear rim drill chuck, 1 KEYLESS drill chuck, 1 Safety chain, 1 Transport case, 2 ejector pin, 3 Tapping adapters


Core Drilling

50 mm


50 mm


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