MABasic 400 Magnetic Drilling Machine

Ø 40 X 55 mm Drilling

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 40 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 55 mm

Maximum Twist Drilling: ø 16 mm

Morse Taper: Direct Arbour

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The newly developed pure power and performance magnetic core drilling machine in an economical range from BDS Maschinen GmbH.
Introducing the MABasic 400 magnetic drilling machine from the economical ProfiBASIC category. High performance – low price
Now with new attached cooling tank. Two speed gear setting; one for annular cutter and other for twist drills.
Upto 40 mm diameter TCT core drilling and 35 mm diameter HSS core drilling and upto 55 mm cutting depth capacity.
Weighing just 12 kg. With its 760 RPM gear setting The MABasic 400 magnetic drilling machine is an ideal machine for twist drilling.
MABasic 400 magnetic drilling machine can drill up to 16 mm diameter with conventional twist drill bits.

  • Equipped with powerful 1050 watt motor.
  • Permanent internal lubrication.
  • 19 mm Weldon Direct Arbor.
  • Safe arrangement of switches.
  • Robust dovetail slide system.
  • All new attached cooling tank.
  • Equipped with robust gearbox.
  • And a powerful electro magnet.

The made in Germany, 40 mm TCT drilling and 35 mm diameter HSS drilling and ideal for twist drilling economical magnetic annular cutter machine.

MABasic 400 magnetic annular cutter machine can drill up to 1-1/2″ dia., 9.5 Amp double-insulated motor, 3/4″ direct arbor. Uses annular cutters, Twist drilling up to 3/4″ dia.; 6-1/3″ stroke with chuck, With a 1/2″ chuck, the MABasic 400 easily converts to standard drill press with a 6-1/3″ stroke for conventional twist drills.

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Core Drilling TCT

40 mm

Core Drilling HSS

35 mm

Cutting Depth

55 mm

Twist Drilling

16 mm

Motor Output

1050 watts


160 mm

Magnet Size

84 x 168 x 48 mm

Magnet Power

10400 N


12 Kg.

Direct Arbor

19 mm Weldon

Morse Taper

Direct arbor

Speed Gears


Speed 1

430 min-1

Speed 2

760 min-1

Speed 3


Speed 4



Attached cooling tank, Grease gearbox, Internal lubrication, Lightweight, Special gear for twist drill


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 ejector pin, 1 offset screwdriver, 1 Operating manual, 1 Safety lashing strap, 1 Transport case



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