RDSO Approved Lightweight Rail Drilling Machine – RailMAB 965

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The brand new RailMAB 965 PETROL DRIVEN rail drilling machine is RDSO Approved rail drilling machine equipped with a robust motor. Its performance reaches 1.5 kW at a torque of 3.04 Nm. The Advantages of RAilMAB 965 are

  • Just 21.5 Kg. in weight.
  • Clamping on the rail in less than 7 seconds
  • De-clamping from the rail in less than 7 seconds
  • Self-centering
  • Powerful petrol engine
  • Petrol start

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Rail Drilling Machines From Germany

Developed for rail drilling for the signaling and track construction. In the rail processing sector, BDS offers two newly redeveloped rail track drilling machines: The RailMAB 915 with 1,600 Watt motor and 2-stage oil bath gearbox and the RailMAB 965 rail drilling machine with a petrol engine.

RailMAB 965 is RDSO approved Lightweight rail drilling machine with a petrol engine.

The rail drilling specialists: The RailMAB 915 electric rail drilling machine and RailMAB 965 petrol rail drilling machine are special rail drilling machines used in track construction and signaling, for example, to drill grounding screws, contact systems and insulated joints. RailMAB 965 petrol rail drilling machine is an electricity-independent rail core drilling machine equipped with a robust motor. Its performance reaches 1.5 kW at a torque of 3.04 Nm.

Both systems are easily fixed to the rails with a rapid clamping system. In order to ensure the necessary drilling stability, this carries a pressure of 1.2 t on the rail base. The multitude of optionally available drill adapters greatly increases the flexibility and the ease of use of the two core drilling machines. These adapters automatically determine the height and distance of the core drilling.

The track drilling machine range is topped off with the BDS special drills of the carbide RAIL series which have a cutting depth of 30 mm and a diameter of 16 mm to 36 mm.

The drill on both machines is lubricated and cooled through an external attachable high-pressure storage tank. Use the cooling lubricant concentrate BDS 6000 to cool and lubricate the machine. For high demands based on synthetic raw materials.
• Miscible with water, biostable and mild smelling
• Improves the core drill service life
• Toxicologically harmless, water hazard class 1




Detailed specifications


"Petrol Driven Rail Track Drilling Machine"



Core Drilling

36 mm

Cutting Depth

30 mm

Twist Drilling


Motor Output

1500 Watts


40 mm

Magnet Size


Magnet Power



21.5 Kg.

Morse Taper

Direct arbor

Speed Gears


Speed 1

max 150, max 225 min-1

Speed 2


Speed 3


Speed 4


"Advantages & USP

Easy to carry, Ergonomic design, Extra large coolant tank, Heavy duty engine, HONDA Engine, Internal lubrication, Lightweight, Special rail clamp adaptor


1 High-pressure tank, 1 offset screwdriver, 1 Operating instructions, 1 Rail adapter, 1 transport box



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