MAB 100 K Lightweight Magnetic Drill

Magnetic Drill

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 30 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 30 mm

Maximum Twist Drilling: ø 13 mm only with Weldon shank drill bits.

Arbour: Direct Arbour With KEYLESS

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SKU: MAB 100 K


Introducing the world’s one of the most lightweight, compact, handy and powerful Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine by BDS Maschinen, Germany. The MAB 100K lightweight magnetic core drilling machine in the ProfiSTART category.
Most Lightweight, Very handy and Highly powerful Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine.

  • Up to 30 mm diameter core drilling with annular cutters, the MAB 100K is straight forward Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine to operate.
  • Up to 55 mm cutting depth with robust and powerful German make motor.
  • Best for horizontal and overhead drilling too.
  • Perform chain drilling with ease with Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine.
  • Simply better drilling.
  • New 1050 watts motor on this small mag drill.
  • Advanced internal lubrication.
  • 9.9 Kg. weight only.
  • Equipped with safety switches.
  • Integrated cooling tank.
  • Robust single-speed gearbox and 70 mm stroke.
  • The lightweight MAB 100K magnetic core drilling machine.

The all-new MAB 100 K Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine now comes with KEYLESS drill chuck. The made in Germany, just 9.9 Kg. lightweight and powerful Annular Cutter Machine. Unlike other Annular Cutter Machine where the cable from motor to the housing runs externally, inviting accidents, the BDS Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine have complete internal cabling.

The motor cable running from motor to the housing is mounted inside the Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine and not external. Due to no cable outside, there is no mishandling of the Lightweight Annular Cutter Machine or no accidents due to the external cable coming in the way.

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Additional information



Cutting Depth

55 mm

Twist Drilling






Motor Output

1050 watts


70 mm

Magnet Size

80 x 160 x 41.5 mm

Magnet Power

10400 N


9.9 Kg.

Direct Arbor

KEYLESS 19 mm Weldon

Morse Taper


Speed Gears


Speed 1

460 min-1

Speed 2



9.9 Kg weight only, Grease gearbox, Internal cabling, KEYLESS drill chuck, Single speed gearbox, Super lightweight


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 ejector pin, 1 Hard protective case, 1 offset screwdriver, 1 Operating manual, 1 Safety chain


Core Drilling

30 mm




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