Drilling Tube With Magnetic Drilling Machine

Tube Clamp For ⌀ 150 to 500 mm

The BDS Pipe Drilling Clamp is suitable for tubes/pipes with a diameter from 150 to 500 mm.

  • Suitable for MAB 825, 845, 855, MABasic 850 Magnetic Drills from BDS. 
  • The chain length is 500 mm
  • For larger diameter pipes then 500 mm the same clamp can be used but with an aftermarket longer chain.
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The BDS Pipe Drilling Clamp is suitable for tubes/pipes with a diameter from 150 to 500 mm. Flexible and quick clamping is possible in any drilling situation with BDS Pipe Drilling Clamp. The clamping device with swiveling V-Blocks is fixed on the tube by means of tension chains. The drilling position on the tube can be adjusted easily and safely.

  • Place the ZRO clamps’ base (1) on a surface.
  • Clamp the chain tightening attachment (2) using four Allen bolt provided for each attachment.
  • Place the tube clamp device on the pipe then hookup the sprocket chain (3) to the base.
  • Circle the chain (3) around the pipe.
  • Pull the chain (3) from the space between the base(1) and the chain tightening attachment (2), put it roundabout gear inside the chain tightening attachment (2)
  • Rotate the adjustment knob (4) on the base for fine adjustment of machine

Additional information

Order no.

ZRO 500


"for MAB 825, 845, 855 for tube Ø 150-500 mm chain length 1.650 mm"




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