EKF 645 Heavy Duty Machine

45° X 15 mm Beveling

The Made in Germany Portable Plate Beveling Machine For 45-Degree Chamfering and 15 mm (0.590”) Width. Provided with a robust motor of 2300 Watts (20.9 Amp) which delivers 1600 – 3000 RPM with variable speed control.

EKF 645 is available in 220-240 Volt and 110-125 Volt. EKF 645 weighs just 10.2 Kg (22.48 lbs.).

The rotary disc with recirculating bearings reduces friction resistance and energy consumption. New unique tangential plate configuration, No impact jarring when operating at low speeds, Clean milled edges, even in internal and external radii, Ideal for weld seam preparation.

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SKU: EKF 645


The state-of-the-art, handy, compact, and lightweight radius chamfering machine from BDS Maschinen.
Introducing the versatile EKF series of radius chamfering machines, for quick and easy edge processing.
The BDS EKF radius chamfering machine can be universally used for industry and craft. In-mold making, boiler manufacturing, plant construction, mechanical engineering, and various metalworking to deliver perfect edge finish.

  • The BDS EKF Heavy Duty series comprises 2 models
  • EKF 630 for 30°cutting angle
  • EKF 645 for 45°cutting angle and
  • The EKF radius chamfering machine is equipped with a powerful 2300 watt motor.
  • Weighing just 10.2 Kg.
  • Available in 10 milling cutter options.
  • Delivering minimum 1600 – 3000 RPM speed.
  • The EKF Heavy Duty chamfering machine series, straightforward, handy, lightweight, and versatile deburring and radius chamfering machine.
  • Made in Germany by BDS Maschinen GmbH.

Additional information

Motor Output

2300 Watts




1600-3000 with full wave control


10 kg

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SHM 900

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