Cutting Paste For Tapping

For Tapping & Overhead Drilling

The made in Germany cutting paste is ideal for tapping (thread cutting).

Made in Germany cutting paste ideal for tapping tools and drilling tools
Suitable for Taps, Annular Cutters, Twist Drill Bits, Etc.
Recommended for High Alloy Steel, HARDOX, Stainless Steel, Heat-Resistant Steel, Rail Tracks, etc.
Quantity: 1 Kg.
Made in Germany

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The cutting paste is a very useful lubricating agent while tapping as well as for drilling. This cutting paste helps the taps to remain cool as well as provided lubrication, thus it results in longer life of taps.

This cutting paste can also be ideally used for drilling with HSS as well as TCT cutters especially for overhead drilling and horizontal drilling where the liquid lubricant can go inside the motor of magnetic drilling machines and cause a short circuit. We recommend you to use BDS Cutting Paste; one can last for several months as very little quantity is required per hole.

When you have to work in an inverted position with your machine or when you have to work on the hardest materials, we advise you the BDS Cutting paste. This paste is very adhesive and does not leak down like oil. It will ensure you better cutting and cooling. Another advantage of this paste is that the paste does not leave a grease stain on the material, which cutting-oil often does.

While drilling overhead with liquid lubricants will lead to damage to the motor of the machine due to the lubricant entering the motor. Thus we recommend using BDS 5500 high performance cutting paste to drill overhead or in the horizontal situation. This cutting paste is suitable for both HSS and TCT core drills as well as for thread cutting tools/Taps.

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BDS 5500 cutting paste 1 Kg.




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