Coolant For TCT Annular Cutters

For TCT Annular Cutters

Premium water soluble coolant ideal for drilling with TCT annular cutters. content 1 liter. 1 liter makes 10 liters of water-soluble coolant.

1 liter BDS 6000 coolant concentrate
Made in Germany
Ideal for TCT annular Cutters
More holes per cutter
For professional use

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SKU: ZHB 001


For TCT (Tungsten carbide tipped) annular cutters we recommend to use  BDS 6000 Coolant (Article Number: ZHB 001).

  • For high demands based on synthetic raw materials.
  • Miscible with water, biostable and mild smelling.
  • Improves the core drill service life.
  • Toxicologically harmless, water hazard class 1.

The BDS Coolant should be used in 1:10 proportion. So 1 liter of the bottle makes 10 liters of coolant. It is very important to use Coolant while drilling with TCT annular cutters. TCT annular cutters have carbide tips, the carbide tips are very strong and actually do not need any lubrication for cutting but, the carbide tips are brazed as tips of the annular cutter, this brazing need to remain cool. If the brazing gets hot the chances of carbide tips coming out of brazing are high. For this reason, the operators should use coolants for TCT annular cutters and not lubricants. The use of BDS coolants on any brand of TCT annular cutter can increase the life of cutter to 30 – 50%.

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ZHB 001


1 liter BDS 6000 coolant concentrate




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