MAB 845 Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine With Swivel Base

Ø 100 X 110 mm Drilling, M30 Tapping With Swivel Base

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 100 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 110 mm

Maximum Twist Drilling: ø 31.75 mm

Maximum Tapping: M30

Morse Taper: MT3

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Drilling, plus reaming, plus countersink, plus tapping…the all in one; world’s most popular Swivel Base Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine, from BDS Maschinen. MAB 845, magnetic drilling plus tapping machine from the ProfiPLUS category. Full performance, even more, flexible and robust. The MAB 845 Swivel Base Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine is equipped with a swivel base adjustment system for easy positioning of the drill that too under magnetic condition. The strong but adjustable swivel base enables the machine to rotate 30° left to right and 20 mm backward and forward. MAB 845 Swivel Base Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine is the best choice for structural steel engineering, plant construction, PEB structures, etc. MAB 845 is a heavy-duty portable solution.

  • Up to incredible 100 mm, core drilling capacity and up to 110 mm cutting depth with annular cutters deliver fast holes without any pre-drilling or step drilling.
  • Delivering perfectly finished holes.
  • Up to 31.75 mm diameter drilling with Twist drill bits.
  • Up to 31.75 mm diameter Reaming.
  • Uto 50 mm diameter Countersink.
  • The premium feature of the MAB 825 is, tapping up to M 30.
  • Easy hand free tapping with the reversible motor.
  • Simply better drilling.
  • Equipped 1800 watt heavy-duty motor.
  • High performance 4-speed gears.
  • Permanent internal lubrication.
  • Intelligent magnet indicator for safety.
  • Safely arranged switches.
  • Reversible motor.
  • Robust dovetail slide system.
  • Precise speed and torque controls.
  • Protective cap for the motor.
  • Sleek integrated cooling tank.
  • Brilliant carbon brush wear control indicator.
  • Weighing just 25 kg.
  • Heavy-duty Morse taper 3 machines.
  • Full-wave control electronics for steady watt even during drilling.
  • Unique Friction clutch which prevents cutter breakage.
  • Advance motor overheats protection for safety.
  • MAB 845 magnetic core drilling tapping machine. Full performance and heavy-duty equipped with Swivel Base.
  • Made in Germany by BDS Machines.

The MAB 845 has a swivel base providing 30˚ movement L/R and 3/4″ forward/backward. The 845 Portable Swivel Base Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine is ideal for steel engineering, plant construction and more. Standard with a double-insulated motor, these 4-speed drills can cut holes up to 4″ diameter in steel. MAB 845 Swivel Base Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine is also capable of twist drilling and reaming up to 1-1/4″ diameter and tapping up to 1-1/8″ diameter.

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Cutting Depth

110 mm

Twist Drilling

31.75 mm




31.75 mm

Motor Output

1800 Watts


255 mm

Magnet Size

110 x 220 x 54 mm

Magnet Power

19500 N


25 Kg.

Morse Taper


Speed Gears


Speed 1

40 – 110 min-1

Speed 2

65 – 175 min-1

Speed 3

140 – 360 min-1

Speed 4

220 – 600 min-1


Carbon brush indicator, Internal cabling, KEYLESS drill chuck, Magnet indicator, Oil bath gearbox, Reversible motor, Steady watt control, Variable speed & torque


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 Carry case on wheels, 1 drill drift & 1 taper drift, 1 Industrial arbor MT3, 1 KEYLESS drill chuck, 1 Operating manual, 1 Safety chain, 4 ejector pins


Core Drilling

100 mm


50 mm


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