AutoMAB 350 Automatic Magnetic Drill

Ø 35 X 55 mm Automatic Drilling

Make: Made in Germany

Maximum Core Drilling: ø 35 mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 55 mm

Arbour: Direct Arbour

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AutoMAB 350 from BDS Maschinen GmbH – Germany on Vimeo.

The made in Germany, Auto feed & auto-reverse magnetic drilling machine. To be one step ahead in the futuristic market where automatic magnetic drilling machines will be dominated, BDS launched its brand new automatic magnetic drilling machine under economical pricing. Equipped 1050 Watt motor, delivering up to diameter 35 mm drilling and 55 mm cutting depth capacity. The magnetic drilling machines performs auto-feed and auto-reverse, optionally the magnetic drilling machine can also be used manually with feed handle attached to it.

The brand new lightweight, powerful, economic and automatic magnetic drilling machine from BDS Maschinen. Introducing the AutoMAB 350 Automatic magnetic drill, the automatic magnetic drilling machine with Auto feed as well as Auto reverse from the Profi special category.

The newly developed AutoMAB 350 Automatic magnetic drill Weighing just 15 Kgs. Equipped with a magnet adhesion indicator which informs the operator if the machine is completely clamped or not. The Automatic magnetic drilling machine is fast and easy to operate.
After positioning the machine, push back the feed handles to set the machine on Automatic feed. Switch on the Start button to begin automatic drilling.

The AutoMAB 350 Automatic magnetic drill can drill up to 35 mm diameter and up to 55 mm cutting depth with Annular cutters.
The AutoMAB 350 Automatic magnetic drill is equipped with brilliant Load indicators which stop the machine if the load is high, thus avoiding cutter breakage and any accidents. Once the hole is drilled, the intelligent sensor of the machine knows it and then changes the feed to automatic reverse.

To make the operation even faster, after drilling, one can also reverse feed the machine manually. The automatic magnetic drilling machine is the best option for, drilling multiple holes at the same time. As the machine is independent of operator errors while drilling, you can achieve more holes per cutter, hence saving tool cost and time. The AutoMAB 350 Automatic magnetic drill is Equipped with made in Germany one thousand fifty watts powerful motor.

  • Next-generation LED switches.
  • Intelligent magnet indicator.
  • Load Indicator for safety.
  • 19 mm Weldon Shank.
  • Permanent internal lubrication.
  • Integrated cooling tank.
  • Automatic as well as manual drilling.
  • Delivering, four hundred and fifty RPM speed.
  • The AutoMAB 350 Automatic magnetic drill, powerful, fast and automatic magnetic drilling machine.
  • Made in Germany by BDS Maschinen
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Additional information



Core Drilling

35 mm

Cutting Depth

55 mm

Twist Drilling

13 mm







Motor Output

1050 watts


160 mm

Magnet Size

84 x 168 x 48 mm

Magnet Power

10400 N


15 Kg.

Morse Taper


Speed Gears


Speed 1

460 min-1

Speed 2


Speed 4


Speed 3



Automatic feed, Automatic reverse, Direct arbor Weldon, Feed handles for manual, Lightweight, Load indicator, Magnetic indicator, Single speed gearbox


1 Attached cooling tank, 1 offset screwdriver, 1 Operating manual, 1 Safety chain, 1 Transport case, 2 ejector pins



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