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HSS Annular Core Cutters VS TCT Annular Core Cutters

This Is A Question In Everyone’s Mind, Which Type Of Annular Cutter To Prefer HSS Or TCT. Below Information Gives You A Brief Clarification.

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The importance of ejector pin (pilot pin) for annular core cutters.

Advantages Of An Ejector Pin : The ejector pin or also called as the pilot pin has 3 major functions while using with an annular cutter:

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How to use magnetic base drilling machine?

The fast and easy method to drill holes in metal, is with the help of Annular cutters, also called as annular cutters, core drills.

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How to perform Tapping (Thread Cutting) with a Magnetic Drilling Machine? 

One of the best features of a magnetic drilling machine is to perform Tapping, also called as Thread cutting. The magnetic drilling machines with reversible motors are ideally suited for thread cutting. The basic requirement for a magnetic drilling machine to perform thread cutting are, reversible motor, speed control and the most important, torque control.

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Advantages of using Annular Cutters

The annular cutters have fewer teeth and less wear, therefore with a annular cutter holes can be made at higher or faster cutting speed and a faster feed rate of the drilling machine.

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Video About How To Use Magnetic Drill Machine

The below video and poster will give you expert information on how to professionally use annular cutters for better performance, longer life, and saving tool cost.

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Cutting oil for HSS annular cutters and Coolant for TCT annular cutters.

Using lubricant or coolant with any type of annular cutter is a must. A correct lubrication and coolant delivery more life for annular cutters.

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