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Original BDS Annular Cutters Production

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Product quality is not a coincidence BDS produces core drills at their facility in Mönchengladbach, with all the benefits for users worldwide: High manufacturing precision and competence Use of steels from well-known manufacturers Short-term availability and fast delivery BDS magnetic core drilling machines and core drilling tools must be considered as a functional unit. Thus,.

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RPM Chart For Annular Cutters and RPM Formula For Annular Cutters

Rohan Raut

Below is the RPM Chart For Annular Cutters and RPM Formula For Annular Cutters. Setting exact RPM as per the annular cutter diameter helps increase annular cutter life and magnetic drilling machine life.  

High-performance cutting paste

How to perform Tapping (Thread Cutting) with a Magnetic Drilling Machine? 

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A magnetic drilling machine performing tapping (thread cutting) on a flange. One of the best features of a magnetic drilling machine is to perform Tapping, also called as Thread cutting. The magnetic drilling machines with reversible motors are ideally suited for thread cutting. The basic requirement for a magnetic drilling machine to perform thread cutting.

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How to use magnetic base drilling machine?

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The fast and easy method to drill holes in metal, is with the help of Annular cutters, also called as annular cutters, core drills, etc.  Following pictogram images will show you how one can use annular cutters like a professional. Carefully practicing the following method of drilling will help you get more holes per cutters,.

MAB 455 Heavy Duty Magnetic Base Drilling Machine

Advantages of using Annular Cutters

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Time saving As a annular cutter cuts only on the periphery of the hole to be made, it has to remove much less material as compared to conventional drill bits which cut and remove the complete material of the hole. Annular Cutters are considered to be 3 to 4 times faster than conventional drill bits..

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HSS Annular Cutters VS TCT Annular Cutters

Rohan Raut

This is a question in everyone’s mind, which type of annular cutter should we prefer HSS or TCT. Below information gives you a brief clarification. Cost HSS annular cutters are cheaper than the TCT annular cutters for smaller diameters up to 40 mm, while TCT annular cutters are cheaper than HSS for diameters above 41 mm..

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