Regrinding of BDS Annular Cutters lowers your tool costs.

BDS Annular Cutters of the HSS-CO 8 and HSS-Standard Series are designed so that they can be reground several times without losing quality. The Annular Cutters are reworked on up-to-date grinding machines. Benefit from our professional regrinding service with original BDS Grinding Geometry.

Our regrinding facility is available at Pune, Maharashtra with very reasonable pricing. Please contact us for a quotation on 02402360363 or

Your annular cutters can be collected by FedEx, re-sharpened and delivered to you back by FedEx.

Depending on the length of the annular cutter and the thickness of the material you need to drill, an annular cutter can be resharpened several times. This reduces the cost of tool tremendously. The quality os the resharpened annular cutters is as good as new ones when resharpened professionally.

We recommend you to resharpen the cutters only at our dedicated state of the art annular cutters resharpening facility located at Pune, India.

Our customers can easily send us the annular cutters for resharpening and receive them back easily. Just give us a call on 0091-2402360363 and let us know how many annular cutters you would like to get resharpened, we will then note down your address and inform our FedEx logistics company to pick up the annular cutters from your company.

The annular cutters will be then brought to our resharpening facility, get resharpened within some days and then brought back to your address through FedEx.

Due to the advantage of resharpening the HSS annular cutters, we encourage you to use more HSS annular cutters than TCT annular cutters.

Our annular core cutter regrinding facility provides service to all brands of annular cutters.